Friday, September 7, 2012

본죽 (Bone Juke)

     It's a place of "Slow Food," traditional rice porridge.  Every bowl of porridge I've had there was surrounded by the side dishes you can see in the above picture.  From left to right, pickled radish, roast beef, kimchi, cold onion soup, and an empty bowl into which you can ladle some porridge.  I've enjoyed toppings of tuna, chicken, and clams.  I've enjoyed black bean and rice, and pumpkin porridge there too.   Usually, I've found I could eat only half the porridge, so they would place the remainder in a plastic container that I could re-use again and again at home.  In fact, I've order porridge to go just so I could get the plastic containers.

     By the way, they always replenished the side dishes upon request, and they gave me a meal for free after I had purchased ten.  

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