Monday, September 3, 2012

Daegu, Daegu, and Daegu

At the Daegu train station

Not far from the Daegu train station

Across the very narrow street from Burnham's Burgers.
I used to go to Daegu, just to get this brownie (with coffee, of course).

At Burnham's Burgers, they make these too!

Gotta love that Angel in us!

     Ok, for a bit of insight about all of the above, let me tell you this.  Yeongcheon is a small farm and military base kinda city, populated by about 125,000 people, and located about forty minutes away from Daegu by train.  For the first year that I lived there, there were no espresso coffee shops.  But, in Daegu, there were dozens, if not scores (if not hundreds) of them, and every one that I visited provided me with an excellent cup of coffee.  Of course, while there, I'd munch and munch too.

     After that first year, Mr. Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robin, Davinci's Coffee, and Mom's Touch all moved into town.  Still, it was always a pleasure to visit Daegu.

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