Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sam Gyup Sahl 삼겹살: my first time.

     Pronounce 삼겹살 like "sam-gyup-sahl" and you'll

 communicate well enough to order what you want.  Basically, 

it's bacon (pork belly).

     At the first time I ordered this, I did not know about the pricing structure used by such restaurants in Korea.  Sometimes the minimal order is for two people.  Sometimes three.  None of the restaurant crew members could speak English, and I could not speak Korean.  I'm sure they tried to explain the way it's typically done here.  I'm sure they thought I told them, "That's fine, I'll pay the price, whatever it is."

     They gave me a room all by myself and began to bring out the food.  Also, they showed me how to cook the meat (not that I didn't know how, but to be polite and friendly).

     It was a delightful meal.  I ate everything they put before me.  The tab was about 27000 wons.  You can look up the currency conversion.  I was surprised, but I began to learn my lesson.  That was in 2008.

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