Tuesday, September 4, 2012

샤부샤부 Syabu-syabu (shaboo-shaboo), My First Time

샤부샤부  Syabu-syabu (shaboo-shaboo)

     I hear it's really a Japanese thing, but that the Koreans make their broths differently.  Anyway, pictured here is the first Shabu-shabu I enjoyed.

     Basically, start with the broth (here, we ordered both a white and a clear broth).  Get it hot and add the vegetables first.  If you want, eat some of the broth at this point.  Add the thin sliced meat (or seafood) and swirl it around.  Eat some of the soup.  Add more veggies and/or meat, and eat some more.  Order some noodles and/or some dumplings (Mandu) and add them too.  

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