Monday, September 3, 2012

My Lunch Today, September 3, 2012

     It's customary that my boss, co-teachers, and I enjoy lunch together on the first Monday of the month.  That was today.  It started off with the broth you can see pictured above.  

      To the simmering broth, we added the fresh vegetables and meat you can see in the picture above and below.
      Below are various rice cakes.  We added them to the broth too.

     You could say there were several stages to eating this meal.  For the first one, we use the thin wraps (pictured above) to wrap a bit of the cooked food in the broth.

     To do that, we first dipped the wrap into this warm water with the lemon wedge in it.

      After that, we place the wrap flat over a wide bowl.  Then we placed our selections of food onto the wrap.
     After wrapping, my little package looked like a pillow.  I picked it up, and placed it into my mouth just a little too soon.  The filling was still hot.

      For the next stage, we added the noodles and dumplings (Mandu), you can see in the above picture, to the broth.  After a few minutes of simmering, it was ready to eat.

     Finally, we added the rice mixture and egg (pictured below) to the remaining broth to make a porridge.

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