Sunday, September 2, 2012

I was eat..... ting ON a jet plane!

     I decided to fly Business Class on a Philippine Airlines flight from Los Angeles to the USA that year (2007).  I enjoyed the nice quiet ride, and the crew took good care of my needs.  

Dinner was served about two or three hours into the flight.

     Midway through the flight, after I had napped some, I requested the Congee dish listed on the menu as a mid-flight snack.  

     I've enjoyed congee at traditional Philippine restaurant in Quezon City.  Often, for the equivalent of a buck ($1), I could get a bowl full.  I've seen make-shift congee stand on sidewalks (complete with one person washing the dishes while another does the cooking and serving at a table made of a sheet of plywood on top of blocks).

     Near the end of the flight, breakfast was served.  After all, it was early in the morning (before sun rise).

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