Sunday, September 2, 2012

In La Union, they asked me to do some cooking.

  On this particular visit to La Union , I was asked to do some of the cooking.

     La Union    has been a nice home away from home, thanks to a dear friend of mine (Hi Ogie!), from time to time.  We met around the year 2003 and have kept in touch ever since.  Each of us has tended to his own dramas in his own life in his own world.  Still, we've managed to keep in touch and up to date. 

     To get there, after landing in Manila, I have to ride a bus northward for about 4 hours or so. But, on this particular visit, I was as the tail end of my tour about Luzon, so I got there by coming south from Vigan.

     Ok!  I did the fried chicken and gravy.  A friend did the veggies.  Another friend did a batch of calamari.  A rice cooker did the rice.

     The China Sea is right outside my friend's back yard, and the beach area was deserted (I've never seen many people on it).  The water was warm, like a bathtub, so.... just for the fun of it, you know that once in awhile thrill of a moment thing....

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