Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meals at Pagudpud, Philippines

     This is a food diary, but I decided to throw in a few pictures of scenery I saw while there.  Pagudpud is on the north coast just west of center of Luzon, Philippines.  It was early July, and I was basically doing a loop tour of Luzon.  

     At the small resort where I lodged, I had to select my dinner options by early afternoon so that they could get to the markets and purchase whatever they needed to make my dinner.  Besides, it was off-season, so there was no good reason for them to stock up on a lot of food.  Anyway, the food they prepared was fairly typical of food I've eaten in the Philippines, and it was delicious.

      On a few postings ago, I wrote about the cheap pineapples.  Well, below is a picture of one I purchased from a nearby fruit stand.  They cut off the skin and gouged it for me.  

      Above and below are pictures of the resort where I lodged.

    Carabao are beasts of burden in the Philippines.

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