Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fruit Cobbler

     This was the easiest thing to make from scratch!     It's so easy, I could change the amount a bit of any of the ingredients, and it would still turn out yummy!  I could use a plastic yogurt cup (that I had cleaned) to measure.

For the batter:

"one part" could be a yogurt cup, and coffee cup, etc.

one part butter
one part milk
one part sugar
one part self-rising flour
one teaspoon of vanilla

For the fruit:

     Well, use enough to fill the baking dish to your satisfaction.


1.  turn oven on to 375 degrees
2.  put butter in baking dish, and melt in the oven
3.  in a bowl mix the flour and sugar
4.  add milk and vanilla to the dry-mix and stir lightly just to moisten the flour and sugar.  Don't worry about the lumps.
5.  add fruit to the melted butter.  I've always liked to use fresh fruit (and I always left the peal on the apples, pears, and peaches).  If you use canned, keep the sugar content in mind.  You don't have to drain the canned fruit, but you can.
6.  pour the batter all over the fruit in the melted butter.
7.  If you want to, sprinkle some nuts on top of it all.
8.  bake until the crust is brown (about 45 minutes).
9.  eat hot, or chill (it's great as a left over).

I've decreased the butter, and it worked just fine.
I've decreased the sugar, and it worked just fine.
I've decreased the milk, and it worked just fine.
I've used half-n-half or canned cream, and it worked just fine.

Make it enough time, and you'll get the hang of it.

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