Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have you ever seen pineapples for fifty cents each!

     Have you ever seen pineapples for fifty cents each?  I have!  I've seen people in the Philippine climb pineapple trees to get them!  (Just kidding!  In case you didn't know, pineapples don't grow on trees.). But, really!  While I've visited the Philippines, I've seen pineapples more in some places than other, but, nonetheless, everywhere.  Pineapples are probably abundant in most places on earth on the equatorial plane and, so, they're probably cheap.    

     Once, while I was visiting the northern area of Luzon, I stopped at a fruit stand that had only pineapples and coconuts there.  The coconuts were cheap too, so I bought a coconut and watched the man cut it and put a straw in it, so I could enjoy the water from the inside.  Also, I watched him cut the skin off the pineapple, gouge it, and put in a bag (I ate it later with my dinner).   He charged me about twenty-five pesos for the pineapple and twenty-five pesos for the coconut.   Bear in mind that fifty cents (USD) equals about 25 Philippine pesos (depending on the current exchange rates, of course).  Also, bear in mind that twenty-five pesos can be a BIG percentage of a day's wages for many hard working people.

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